AP Shames Merkel on Greece; LaRouche Urges Story Be Spread

Among others locations, the AP report appeared at USNews on July 2, just as the IMF reluctantly made public its [leaked] staff report which acknowledged that at least 50-60 billion euros of Greece’s unpayable debt has to be relieved. That would be only 20% of Greece’s current debt, but Germany received relief from nearly half of its debt in 1953, when Greece was one of its creditors.

Larouche repeatedly emphasizes that the trans-Atlantic financial system cannot avoid collapse without imposing a “global Glass-Steagall” reorganization on the Wall Street and London-centered megabanks, and writing off their worthless debt “assets.” The bailouts of Greece were swindles which bailed out only these banks, he showed in analysis in late February, and the so-called “Greek debt” both unpayable and illegitimate.

Almost uniquely, LaRouche sees how this collapse leads to London using its puppet Barack Obama to provoke war with Russia and China.