So, we have an ‘austerity’ budget due soon, more cuts, less benefits, less tax credits, less NHS, less everything. At least for us…. but wait!

There’s massive refurbishment coming for Westminster and Buckingham Palace too, hasn’t been done for years apparently. This will cost the taxpayers millions in these so called ‘hard times’.

Our trustworthy, caring politicians will have to move out for a while as will our Saxe Coburg Gotha Monarch and entourage.

How about a very different reason, one moving rapidly through the alternative and more believeable media?

How about a huge attempt to get rid of ALL and ANY traces of DNA from the victims of sexual child abuse and murder which many know has been taking place over many years at both sites?

Conspiracy Theory? Not this time, Police whistleblowers have revealed all, along with survivors of establishment abuse who will NEVER be silenced until each and every one of these perverts is properly dealt with, WHOEVER THEY ARE! These pervs are well aware the dam is bursting and are so scared, this is surely a desperate attempt by the guilty.

Bill Maloney EXCLUSIVE interview with Lou – DNA