Do you know what you’re REALLY eating?

Human hair in bread, beetle blood in sweets and boiled bones in jelly… the 14 bizarre ingredients lurking in your food revealed

An infographic by Canadian company Food Packaging Labels has revealed 14 of the secret ingredients lurking in your food – all of which apply to the UK, apart from rodent hair in peanut butter.

info on link includes:

Bread contains human hair

According to the infographic, bread contains L-cysteine, an amino acid used in the baking industry as dough conditioner. L-cysteine is most often derived from human hair because it is the cheapest source of the acid.

Antifreeze; the icing on your cake

Propylene glycol is an organic compound found in antifreeze, but it is a common ingredient in food as well. It is used to thicken food, stabilise icing on cakes and keep salads fresh.