Children could be branded ‘extremists’ for boycotting McDonalds, MP claims as new anti-terror laws come into force

CHILDREN could be branded “extremists” simply for boycotting McDonalds under Government plans, a Bradford MP is warning.

Families which choose not to celebrate Christmas or which shop ethically could also be targeted by tough new guidance to prevent “radicalisation”, Naz Shah has claimed.

The Bradford West Labour MP accused David Cameron of turning his back on efforts to build closer community links and dialogue, to tackle the extremist threat.

Instead, the revamped ‘Prevent’ strategy – which came into force today – had become a “blunt hammer” which could be used to target innocent acts by young people.

Ms Shah said: “Some children refuse to eat at McDonalds because they have researched its links to Israel’s illegal settlements. Does that mean they are going to be extremists?

“Other families won’t buy any goods that have are sourced from those Israeli settlements, but that doesn’t make them anti-Israeli – just pro-Palestinian.

“And what about families that don’t celebrate Christmas? Does that mean they have extremist views?

“British values should include developing strong views and critical thinking in children, including fighting poverty and injustice. But this is an attempt to police them, rather than build trust.”