Queen’s Europe speech raises eyebrows in Britain ?

A speech by Queen Elizabeth II warning against “division” in Europe as Prime Minister David Cameron plans a referendum on Britain’s EU membership was interpreted by British media on Thursday as a political statement.

British newspapers were quick to express their surprise on Thursday, the same day that Cameron is due to address European Union leaders in Brussels on Britain’s desire for a looser association with the EU bloc.

The Daily Telegraph said “the Queen’s comments may be interpreted by some as the sovereign expressing a view on the EU debate”.

A headline in The Independent read: “Queen issues unexpected warning as EU leaders meet in Brussels for key summit”.

But a Buckingham Palace aide quoted by the BBC rejected the interpretation of the queen’s words.

“This is not about the EU. The queen is apolitical.


That’s the EU official version *cough*


EU commission sets up Brexit unit

The European Commission has sent a strong political signal to London by appointing a special team to take charge of relations with the UK in the run-up to its referendum on EU membership.

Jonathan Faull, a lawyer and one of Britain’s top civil servants in the commission, will head up the new unit, which officially starts its work on 1 September.