I welcome food banks, says Iain Duncan Smith

‘I welcome food banks. I welcome decent people in society trying to help others who may, for various reasons, have fallen into difficulty.

But the comments reignited claims that benefit cuts were forcing more people to turn to good causes for help, and plans to reduce tax credits will make the problem worse.

New figures today showed that 15 per cent of people are living in relative poverty, while the number of children classed as living in relative poverty is 2.3 million.


Mm – more of the Jimmy Savile Blueprint Solution to offloading State welfare costs onto ”charity’?

It is no good underwriting Mr. Jimmy Savile, OBE, in trying to raise £6 million for Stoke Mandeville hospital, which needs refurbishing. If that hospital needs refurbishing—as it probably does—that should be a charge upon the NHS and should not be thrown open to charity and to other people deciding priorities in the NHS.