How many people do you know who have some form of  cancer?

I doubt if there is anybody who doesn’t know somebody with a cancer in one form or another.

Sadly, today, one in three will succumb, how long before it’s two in three?

Where is the public outcry? Geo-Engineering (chemtrails), the rubbish ingedients in some foods, E Numbers, additives, GMOs, poor nutrition, Codex Alimenteris, all surely have a hand in this.

Billions and billions are supposedly spent on research, the drug companies are raking in massive profits and squashing anyone will alternative ideas to attack cancer. It’s pretty obvious why!

They have come up with NOTHING new in the last thirty years. Why not?

Chemo is a killer, PROVEN!  It may well kill cancer cells BUT chemo is, in itself, a killer. It destroys healthy cells too, the very ones needed to fight back!

The way forward has to be in getting your immune system up to speed and doing the fighting, not the mustard gas technology apparently used in chemo.

Cannabis Oil could well be the future, no side effects and it seems to work.

For sure this is unlikely to be taken up by mainstream medicine, Big Pharma profits would drop like a concrete parachute and they would never be allowed.

So people keep on dying needlessly to keep up the profits of licensed killers.

There is no other way to explain the reluctance of Big Pharma and mainstream medicine to accept alternative treatment. After all, the drug companies finance medical schools to a large degree. Can you see where I’m coming from?

A worldwide disgrace, suiting The New World Order and Agenda21 in it’s plans to cull the population.