Depraved bank workers sexually abused baby – after one said it would be “cute” to see assault

A pair of depraved bank workers sexually assaulted a one-year-old girl – after one said it would be “cute” to see the other abuse a baby.

David Harper, 36, struck up a relationship with married colleague Jennifer Maguire, 31, before encouraging her to send him videos of herself and the child.

The pair’s despicable crimes were only uncovered as a result of an unrelated internal investigation into Harper’s behaviour at a Bank of Scotland branch in South Lanarkshire.

They are both facing jail.

Bosses initially started trawling through his emails over claims he had harassed another female member of staff – but called in police when they uncovered even more disturbing material.

Maguire claimed she got involved in the child abuse because Harper had threatened to put naked images of her online.

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