Euro theatre and high Drama

What is being masked?

Eurozone leaders meet to break Greece deadlock

EU Heads of State or Government of the eurozone meet in Brussels on 22 June 2015 to discuss the urgent situation in Greece.

check out the link above – scroll down  and see the ‘doorstep’ videos – the ’round table’ (it’s oval) – it’s like the political oscars – they even give credits for production and technical questions……………..

Theatre of the Absurd? – with warm smiles and funny handshakes all round

Whilst Juncker – today announces

Eurozone should have own treasury by 2025

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker even declares – “The report is likely to cause some national governments to worry about sovereignty issues.”

Eurozone states should cede more powers to EU institutions, including to a euro area treasury to be set-up in the next 10 years, according to a new report on further integration in the single currency area published on Monday (22 June).

The report, entitled ‘Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union‘, comes on the same day that finance ministers and their government leaders of the euro area will meet to debate the Greek debt crisis, amidst renewed fear of a Greek exit from the eurozone.

In the next two years, by 30 June 2017, each country should create a ‘competitive authority’, “a national body in charge of tracking performance and policies in the field of competitiveness”.

These bodies should be “independent entities with a mandate to ‘assess whether wages are evolving in line with productivity and compare with developments in other euro area countries and in the main comparable trading partners”.

The opinions of the authorities should be used by social partners in wage setting negotiations.

Other measures for the next two years include an advisory European Fiscal Board, completion of the Banking Union, and a reorganisation of the European Semester.

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