Prescriptions Drugs Now the Leading Cause Of Death By Overdose

The shocking truth conveyed by this article’s headline is that “nearly 52 percent of the deaths were related to prescription drugs.” The unfortunate circumstance around so many prescription drug overdoses is that most victims never even knew they OD’d.

There is now a pervasive pharmaceutical drug culture across America. If you were to look inside the medicine cabinet of many homes you would find a panoply of prescription bottles of every size. Some full, some half full; others empty and awaiting a refill. This predicament is becoming all too common for those who place so much faith on their daily drug ritual.

Regrettably for many of these folks, they rarely ever stop to take notice of the many side effects that each drug is capable of causing. The list of adverse side effects, which is provided by law, can often be worse than the original ailment. This is what many med addicts fail to understand.

Across the country, 44,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2013, more than double the number in 1999, the study by the non-profit group, Trust for America’s Health found. Nearly 52 percent of the deaths were related to prescription drugs. The number of overdose deaths increased in 26 states in the four years to 2013, the study found, and decreased in only six states. [1]