Ripper files reopened: Compelling and macabre new clues point to a chilling truth… the depraved Yorkshire Ripper butchered not 13 but 35 women and one MAN and, according to a gripping new book, police covered it up

Police have known for more than 30 years that the Ripper may have struck many more times. Scandalously, the cases have not been re-opened. The families of the men and women he killed and the unacknowledged survivors have been shamefully ignored to preserve the blushes of West Yorkshire Police

Haven’t read the book – so don’t know if it covers Savile, Roundhay  Bruno, Henlow Grange, Leida Costigan, Haute de la Garenne etc etc

Somehow I doubt it

As I mooted:

I’d conjecture that the co-ordination of many high level inputs into a cover-up have possibly mistimed their actions?

That leaves another 3 to 4 days for a major distraction to be floated?

Not that the Savile saga isn’t central to the whole – it is

However, we’re not stepping backwards – we won’t give ground – and we won’t be distracted