Scientist Finds Strange “Bioenergy” Field Surrounding Humans

For centuries, various cults and religions have suggested that human beings exude a kind of energy field that can’t be perceived with the five senses. Some call it an “aura”, others call it “qi”, while most Westerners would probably sarcastically refer to it as “the force.” But one researcher

thinks this hypothetical energy field really exists.

John Norman Hansen is a Biochemical PhD from the University of Maryland, and some of his research suggests that humans are indeed surrounded by a “bioenergy field” as he calls it. He’s conducted numerous experiments on dozens of subjects using a torsion pendulum, which can be effected by miniscule forces. He simply hangs this device above the head of a human test subject, and their mere presence seems to affect the pendulum. Even stranger, the effect seems to last 30-60 minutes after the person has left the room.

The fact that the pendulum is still effected long after the subject has left, rules out the possibility that it is being influenced by air currents or body heat.

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