Lord Janner made secret visits to the Lords AFTER being declared unfit for police questions over child abuse allegations

  • Documents reveal visited Westminster once in May and twice in June 2014
  • Doctors said in April 2014 his dementia was too advanced to be questioned
  • But peer said he was on official business and signed for cheque for costs
  • Questions raised over how he can be well enough to conduct ‘official business’ if dementia is supposedly so advanced he cannot speak to police

This newspaper’s investigation has found that after police were refused permission to quiz him about claims that he had sexually abused more than a dozen boys, he:

  • Travelled in his own car to the House of Lords car park and used his personal security pass, suggesting he was at the wheel;
  • Told authorities he was in Parliament on official business – even though it was not sitting at the time;
  • Personally signed a cheque to cover the cost of his stay in a Westminster car park, after detailed correspondence with senior officials in the House of Lords.

The revelations will increase pressure on Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders, who said that Lord Janner would have been charged with 22 counts of indecent assault and buggery against nine boys, but that his dementia made him unfit to stand trial. And they raise questions about how thoroughly the police and CPS scrutinised his activities and the true state of his health.


Maybe Keith Vaz can comment?