LITTLEJOHN: If this is a family, I’m a Nigerian lesbian and no-one can argue with me

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. From yesterday’s Daily Mail : ‘A transsexual man went to court for the right to contact the child of his former lesbian partner.

‘He brought the civil case despite having no connection with the nine-year-old girl. Identified only as Alice, she was born to two lesbians who used donor sperm from a man also in a same-sex relationship.

‘The couple — known as Rachel and Helen — split up when Alice was three. Rachel, who was her natural mother, was sectioned with schizophrenia and Helen entered a relationship with Matthew, the man who has brought the case.’

and that’s only the start of the family dynasty saga

Judge Clifford Bellamy, an ordained Methodist minister, felt obliged to add: ‘Alice’s story is an example of the different ways in which modern family life is formed. It can be complicated.’

True, but please don’t try to pretend this is the new normal.


Curiouser and curiouser cried Alice