Clinton family – corporate capitalism brought to politics’

Even if Hillary Clinton wins the presidential race and upholds to her promises, there’ll still be 50 million people in abject poverty and generations living in debt, said Ben Manski, campaign manager for 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein.

Hillary Clinton has officially confirmed she’s running for President. She addressed supporters in New York on Saturday. That was her fist campaign rally since she entered the presidential race.

RT: Hillary Clinton promised a lot of fancy things. From your point of view what will be the hardest promise to keep?

Ben Manski: I think that all the things she said she probably won’t be able to uphold to this promises. Putting aside the question of whether she has credibility to deliver on this promises there is just the reality that most Americans are facing, which that is even if Hillary Clinton did all the things that she has promised to do there still will be 50 million people in this country living in abject poverty. You’d still be looking at generations of young people who are living in debt, essentially indentured servitude. We would still have an economy and politics that are controlled by global corporations and the Clinton family is emblematic of that. They are corporate capitalism brought to politics.

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