Will Iraq War report EVER be published? Row erupts as Chilcot Inquiry is delayed for another year

The Chilcot Report into the Iraq War will not be published for at least another year, it emerged today sparking a fresh row about whether it will ever be finished.

Ministers today faced calls for an urgent statement to Parliament on the future of the inquiry, as some urged David Cameron to pull the plug.

By the end of this year the inquiry will have lasted for longer than British combat troops were fighting in Iraq.

The inquiry headed by Sir John Chilcot has already lasted six years and cost £10million.

But a source close to the inquiry told the Independent on Sunday it is ‘unlikely to be published for another year at least’.

In January, Sir John wrote to Mr Cameron insisting ‘very substantial progress’ had been made in completing his report but admitting that it will not be possible to publish his report ahead of the general election in May.