Talking with the Plants by Alloya Huckfield

In ancient ages past, these present times were foretold, in long forgotten stories told by old men and women. We live in a feverous world of duality, contradiction and intrigue. Pushed hither and tither by the desires of men. It is time to take back our old traditions foretold by our grandmothers and listen to the quiet voice within for a way out of the mire of confusion which perpetuates our consciousness. We live in a left brain world one reduced to atoms of matter and nothing more. We struggle in a world where love is only honoured by Hallmark is its endless parade of pointless cards. Sentiment is cheap, or so you would think, however each year that piece of card with a tacky verse rising in price higher and higher. We live in a reality of contradicting forces the pull and push of duality, as we crash our way through the labyrinth of our lives. Who is there to guide us, religious men, social agents, governments, celebrities? We look to one god to another, yet all seem to call for war and a bloody mess, or is that just a trait of humankind. No religion so far, no god or deity or passing ET can fix our mess for us we have the responsibility to address this mess ourselves. Isn’t it time we stopped looking to the heavens to some outside force or praying to some invisible god because to be quite frank they do not seem to have the answers. Who will guide us out of this chaotic disaster we call life on Earth.

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