NHS details released against patients’ wishes, admits data body

The body responsible for releasing NHS patient data to organisations including insurance companies has admitted information about patients has been shared against their wishes, it has emerged.

Requests by up to 700,000 patients for details from their records not to be passed on, registered during preparations for the creation of a giant medical database, have not been met.

But the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) told MPs that it “does not currently have the resources or processes to handle such a significant level of objection” and it also encountered technical issues over logging the preferences.

Patients registered their objections during the development of the controversial care data system but the plans were shelved in March 2014.

The admission was made in a letter to the House of Commons health select committee in February from HSCIC chair Kingsley Manning, who admitted it “may take some time” to resolve the issue.

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