Toe sucker has memory loss

Letters from the 1980s have been released, in which MP Geoffrey Dickens called for then-Home Secretary Leon Brittan to ban a pro-paedophilia group.

The letters between Lord Brittan and Mr Dickens, who died in 1995, have been made public after a Freedom of Information request from the BBC.   The BBC submitted the FOI request for these documents to be made public last summer, when the story of the “Dickens’ dossier” made national headlines.

A dossier (one of 5 dossiers on Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) activity ) was handed to Leon Brittan On 23 November 1983 by Mr Dickens.

Prior to his death Leon Brittan at first alleged he could not remember the dossier, but claimed that “My Private Secretary would have been present at the meeting

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He then changed his mind saying he asked officials to look at papers alleging paedophile activity in Westminster.

P.I.E. was never banned and the dossiers have not been found, raising questions as to motivations behind this ‘seeming’ incompetence


Well, David Mellor’s name appears as an attendee at the Dickens/Brittan meeting on 23rd Nov 1983.

However, David Mellor says the Home Office under Leon Brittan would never have tried to cover up child abuse and ‘that he is surprised, with hindsight, that Leon Brittan didn’t get someone else to sit in on the meeting……….

Well – Brittan did – and the newly released documents show that MELLOR WAS THERE!

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Mellor also states that 1984 allegations of CSA against Leon Brittan never made it into the press………….

He got that wrong too!

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The meeting lasted 30 minutes according to this news report:

If it’s simply ‘memory loss’ – why the need to redact one of the names of the attendees?

As the correspondence is clearly labelled ‘Paedophile Information Exchange’ how is it that the Wanless search for the ‘missing dossiers’ and related information didn’t find this correspondence?

Has someone been telling porky PIE’s?