New Prince Charles letters live: Further batch of secret memos is revealed

 More of Prince Charles’ ‘black spider’ correspondence with ministers

 A new batch of secret correspondence between Prince Charles and ministers was released today, under the freedom of information act.

Here’s what we learned

  • A new batch of memos has been released between Prince Charles and the departments of Health, Local Government, Culture and International Development
  • The letters covered subjects from homeopathy to the Millenium Development goals
  • In one memo, the Prince promoted the use of homeopathy to treat depression, eczema, chronic pain and irritable bowel syndrome
  • He expressed worries that an ‘anti homeopathy campaign’ was taking funding away from ‘homeopathy hospitals’ in London
  • He also raised worries about ‘stinking willie’ – the nickname for ragwort, a poisonous yellow wildflower with the Latin name Jacobaea vulgaris that can be dangerous for horses and cattle.
  • It was revealed that Andy Burnham used the same deferential sign off as Charles Clarke
  • The prince also lobbied for hospitals to get better food – provided by local ‘farmers hubs’