Accused pastor’s lawyer says underage girl probably lying about rape: ‘She consented 6 times after that’

The lawyer for a Pennsylvania youth pastor who has been charged with rape suggested this week that the underage victim may have been lying because she consented to sex on other occasions.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, court documents filed against 31-year-old Daniel Allen Jack of Amplify Church alleged that the youth pastor first met the victim in December 2014 when she joined the church youth group.

By January, Jack was using text messages to gain the trust of the girl, the complaint alleged. And he created fake identities on Google and gave her a second cell phone so the two could talk privately.

Before Easter, Jack was said to have taken to girl to his parents’ home, where he suggested that the two should have sex. But when he started kissing and touching her, she cried and refused to cooperate, the complaint said.

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