13 famous people to be quizzed by police over historic child abuse in Jersey

Detectives revealed prominent figures who are ”well known” will be quizzed “imminently” into allegations of institutionalised sex offences on the Channel Island.

 Police have not revealed their identities but confirmed that 13 suspects are public figures including celebrities, media personalities, politicians and sports people.

They are among dozens of people likely to be questioned over the next few weeks as part of Operation Whistle into historical child abuse.

In Jersey, the latest allegations of abuse include some suspects and victims not previously identified in the force’s 2008 child abuse investigation, Operation Rectangle.

The alleged abuse is said to have occurred between the late 1930s and mid 2000s across four institutions, including the infamous Haut de la Garenne.

It is understood that there may be some crossover with the London Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree investigation into sexual abuse carried out by the former children’s TV presenter, Jimmy Savile.

Savile is not believed to be one of the 13 prominent suspects identified but said the force had fielded several further complaints about abuse carried out by him in the Island.

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