Thousands could be caught out attempting to hire a car overseas if they don’t generate unique code to take with them

Every year, thousands of British motorists pick up keys to a hire car when holidaying abroad or on business. But many are not aware that, from next Monday, they will need to generate a special code to hand in at the rental kiosk.

It comes as the paper counterpart of British driving licences is scrapped with records going digital in a move experts predict will save the Government £8million.

Drivers instead will need to log onto the DVLA’s Share Driving Licence service before they leave to generate a unique code. This requires both a driving licence number and national insurance number.

Without it, drivers could be refused a hire car. The code will enable the rental firm to access records which details convictions such as speeding and what vehicles a motorist is allowed to drive.

NI number? More tracking and surveillance?