Hanging craze sweeps schools: Parents warned teens are risking lives by taking part in dangerous new game

Teenagers are risking there lives by hanging themselves until they almost pass out as part of a dangerous new craze sweeping schools.

Parents are being urged to speak to their kids and warn them about the dangers of the “game” – amid fears it could end in tragedy.

A mum who did not want to be named, told the Irish Mirror: “I am a mother myself and I’m helping my friend’s child through some stuff, she is telling me what kids her age are doing now a days.

“She’s 12 years old and it’s quite scary, this age group are playing games of hanging themselves and seeing how long they can hang without passing out.

“My kids are grown up now but if I had a young teenager I would be very worried.

“This is the new rage now and it’s seeming cool to hang yourself but parents need to be made aware of this.”

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