Lord Brittan REFUSED to ban evil paedo ring

FORMER Home Secretary Leon Brittan resisted calls to ban a notorious paedophile ring despite warnings some members were “obsessed by the death of children”.


And – of course, Leon Brittan and William Hague were close friends, enjoying hill walking together. And Hague took over Brittan’s Richmond seat

After the 1987 election he went on holiday in the Dales with Kim. “I remember saying then, this is the constituency to be MP for.” That was Richmond, North Yorkshire, one of the most beautiful in the land, taking in Swaledale and Wensleydale along with the rich pastures and ancient castles of the vale.

He remained heavily plugged into political life, post-Oxford. Leon Brittan spotted him on a visit to the Oxford Union and asked him to help write speeches for himself and Geoffrey Howe. But after Wentworth in 1987 he had decided to wait before seeking a winnable seat for the next election. He didn’t expect to resume his parliamentary ambitions till 1991 or 1992.