Tories banked more donation money than all other political parties combined, new figures say

The Conservatives banked more money from donations than all the other political parties put together, the latest Electoral Commission figures showed as David Cameron was accused of mounting a partisan attack on Labour’s main source of income.

The Tories were given £15.4m of the £30.6m received by the parties in the first three months of this year compared with £9.33m collected by Labour and £3m given to the Liberal Democrats. The Scottish National Party was given £1.05m and Ukip just under £1m.

The figures emerged as Labour braces itself for the loss of several million pounds a year following changes to trade union funding announced in this week’s Queen’s Speech.

New legislation will require union members to “opt in” to its political fund rather than the current system of automatic enrolment unless they explicitly opt out.

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