A Kardashian Stumbles Upon a Chemtrail

On Monday, the 17-year-old star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and daughter of Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian, posted a meme on Twitter, where she inexplicably has over 9 million followers. It read:

“Let’s ask ourselves….Why did I see 75 planes spraying white stuff into the sky on my 15 minute drive to work? Who pays for this and why is it happening? Is something being exterminated here? Is that something me? Does this have anything to do with why Honey Bee’s are Dying off really fast. Why are some days normal with no planes spraying and others look like this? Whos is responcible? What effect will this have on our health and our childrens future? WHO THE F#*% THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA? Am I the only one who sees this? [sic]”

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