UK’s elite colleges not monitoring sexual abuse on campus

More than half of Britain’s elite universities do not keep records on the extent of sexual abuse perpetrated against their students, a report reveals.

Of the 24 elite, so-called Russell Group universities across the UK, seven stated that they do not systematically monitor allegations of sexual assaults, rapes and sexual harassment, while another seven said they only record some cases, The Guardian reported Sunday, citing information from a series of freedom of information requests.

According to the report, one in five of the elite group of universities that are considered to be among the best higher learning institutions in the world, further conceded that they do not even have specific guidelines for students on how to report such allegations in confidence or as a formal complaint either to university authorities or to the police.

The daily then cites officials of universities of Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff and Manchester as well as King’s College London as saying they did not have such guidelines.

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