TV producer Colin Barr on explosive new documentary about Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris

Colin Barr is the man behind Abused: The Untold Story which will shed new light on crimes uncovered by Operation Yewtree.

Double Emmy and Bafta winning Colin, 44, is winning acclaim for his BBC three-parter The Detectives, focusing on the work of the ­Serious Sexual Offences Unit at Greater ­Manchester Police.

The focus of Abused will shift to those whose lives were destroyed by showbiz perverts.

It’s on the BBC, who came in for heavy criticism after it emerged that Newsnight shelved a report into Savile’s crimes in 2011.

Colin, from Glasgow, said: “Given that it’s one of the biggest stories of our generation, the BBC should be doing it.


Wonder for whom it’ll be explosive – the beeb licence fee – or the politz?