Osama bin Laid-to-rest long ago

It was 4 years ago this month (May) that Osama bin laden was reportedly killed in a US raid in Pakistan. Many have challenged the claim based on reports that Osama bin laden had reportedly died in 2001. Pakstani President Pervez Musharraf, Pakistani populist leader Benazir Bhutto, Afghani President Hamid Karzai, FBI Counterterrorism head Dale Watson, and DoD consultant Steven R. Pieczenik were among the many who reported that bin laden died in 2001. His death was reported in many foreign and particularly Arabic papers at the time. It was even reported by Fox News the day after Christmas in 2001.


But, let’s look at it from the medical perspective. OBL had kidney failure in 2001. How likely is it that a man on dialysis could survive 10 years?

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