Another step forward towards Transhumanism ? Humans could soon live forever but we’ll have to DOWNLOAD our brains to a hard drive

Scientists believe humans will be able to live forever after downloading their brains to a computer hard drive.

It opens up the possibility of eternal life – but not as we know it.

Neuroscientist Dr Hannah Critchlow says that if a computer could be built to recreate the 100 trillion connections in the brain, it would be possible to exist inside a programme.

The brain is enormously complex but it works like a giant circuit board and experts are beginning to understand the function of each part.

Dr Critchlow, from Cambridge University, said: “If you had a computer that could make those 100 trillion circuit connections then that circuit is what makes us us, and so, yes, it would be possible.

“People could probably live inside a machine. Potentially, I think it is definitely a possibility.”

She has also shot down the myth that humans only use 10% of their brains.

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