An open letter to David Cameron, Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party – Niall Murphy

An open letter to David Cameron, Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party:

I write this to you on May 24 2015 in relation to the ‘counter extremism bill’ you are currently attempting to fast track into law. I write this PRIOR to that legislation taking effect.

However much of a freethinker I can possibly claim to be, I cannot unindoctrinate myself from core Western values which resonate with me on a cellular moral level:

Freedom of thought.
Freedom of expression.
Freedom of speech.
As long as one is acting within the rule of law, you will leave us alone.

As much as I was not a Thatcher supporter, she is on record in the aftermath of surviving the Brighton bombings as having said “If we change our behaviour, the terrorists have won.” I would like to know what made you renege on your predecessor’s words?

In the values upon which we as Westerners were indoctrinated to acquire we fought fascists, we fought communists. In that name we were indoctrinated by the regimes of your predecessors upon values we were told were sacrosanct and inalienable. At the beginning of the era we now call the War on Terror, your predecessor Tony Blair would always regurgitate that old soundbite “They hate us for our freedoms.”

If I were to take two soundbites from your predecessors “They hate us for our freedoms” and “If we change our behaviour, the terrorists have won.” There is only one logical conclusion that I can come to. By this legislation you intend to appease the terrorists by taking our sacrosanct freedoms away from us.

For this reason I hold you in abuse of office. Not only do I hold you in abuse of office, but everyone who adds their name to this letter as it makes its way across all social media also hold you in abuse of office.

I can clearly, unequivocally, ideologically, existentially, philosphically, ontologically and epistemologically demonstrate that I am not an extremist of any kind whatsoever, and that such a bill will not apply to me. If I am accused of being an extremist, I will never ever stop fighting to have my name cleared.

By my basic philosophy of life, anyone is entitled to view their world any way they so wish. However they are not entitled to force that way of thinking upon anyone else under duress. That clearly does not make me an extremist in anyone’s mind, except maybe the mind of a twisted person. If you intend to criminalise my ability to express myself as an individual, this country will be acting illegally under numerous international protocols, and I would be invited into asking International intervention, stating Human Rights Abuses from the UN.

I invite this open letter to make its way around the internet and for as many people to add their names to this. If they’re going to turn us all into criminals for speaking our mind, it is our duty as the true 75% overwhelming majority of the British people who did not vote Conservative at the last general election to add your name here:

I’ll start with mine.