DARPA Will Start Testing Laser Cannons to Shoot Missiles Out of the Sky

DARPA is going to start shooting missiles and rockets out of the sky with laser beams when it tests the High-Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System this summer White Sands Missile Range this summer. The agency has been working on improving the strength and portability of its lasers so that the HELLADS can be used to blow up incoming mortars, aircraft, missiles or anything else in the sky. Now its ready for field testing.

“The technical hurdles were daunting, but it is extremely gratifying to have produced a new type of solid-state laser with unprecedented power and beam quality for its size,” said DARPA program manager Rich Bagnell in a statement. “The HELLADS laser is now ready to be put to the test on the range against some of the toughest tactical threats our warfighters face.”