Cabinet Office giving us crumbs

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 19.41.44On 24th May, the Cabinet Office announced The Low Pay Commission (LPC) will be visiting areas across the UK to gather evidence on the National Minimum Wage and low pay.
The Commission would like to meet a number of people affected by low pay; to hear first-hand what impact the National Minimum Wage is having in your area. Any information received will be treated in confidence. So say the Commission.
If you would like to meet LPC Commissioners or would like further information, please get in touch with Roz Hands:; Tel 020 7211 8214 to arrange a convenient time and location.
This essential evidence on low pay across different areas and employment sectors in the UK will help inform our wage rate recommendations to Government.
This is an ideal time to talk to the Commission, let them know how the real world is doing on law pay, topped up by benefits, food banks and homelessness.
In the same week the Cabinet Office also tells of a capping on redundancy payments for the best-paid public sector workers. It is to be capped below 6 figures.
Good news; yet no mention of capping bankers’ bonuses, capping the amounts spent on Gov IT systems, (later to be deemed useless) no mention of capping the amount of NHS contacts, MP expenses, catering at the House of Lords ………….. mean-while Osborne  spouts:-
“It is not right that working people should have to fork out for golden   parachutes worth hundreds of thousands of pounds for public sector workers when they are made redundant.”
Of course, we should be happy. They are saving money in the fight on austerity. Go them!
Are we fooled by throwing crumbs to the people?

Author Laudy