An Act of Kindness Equals A Ripple Effect

If you’re anything like me, you generally go into autopilot when you go to your local supermarket. But just this past week, I had an interesting experience as I was leaving with my groceries. I noticed an elderly woman having trouble trying to load all her bags into her car. Her produce was spilling out of one bag, while another one was splitting wide open, and she continued to try to grab what she could. You could clearly see she was frustrated and stressed, and needed help. I walked up to her and asked if I could help. She turned round with a look of pure shock!

I wasn’t sure if she was surprised that someone was helping her, or if she thought I was a stranger approaching her for something quite different. Anyway, I helped her pick up her groceries, and chased after cans of peas rolling across the parking lot. No sooner had I helped her, than she quickly got in her car, and drove off! It was as though she’d been really scared having a stranger in her space.

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