ALERT – First Images Of CERN Colliding At Full Power Recreating Conditions Just After Big Bang!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 22.05.04

Watch closely folks, as this is only going to get more and more interesting by the day, as we March towards the much talked about September, and the maximum power levels at a time of the 4th Blood Moon. So many indicators are pointing towards September, from the CERN schedule dating all the way back to a prophecy by Sir Isaac Newton, who had allegedly calculated an end times date going off the information contained within the Book Of Daniel. Add to that the super jubilee year, jewish holidays coinciding with the blood moon, Jade Helm coming to a cumlmination, Pope Francis addressing congress in the week of CERN full power/blood moons etc and we can see why this is a time when we must be very observant as to what may or may not go down.

(video on link)

No – not a tin foil hat doom and gloom post – it’s also in the Guardian

Now, we have first collisions with the new high energy (13 Tera electronVolts compared to 8 TeV in 2012). There is a description here of what is going on now. I work on the ATLAS experiment, but for the sake of variety and fairness, the image above is from our rivals at CMS. By following the link you’ll can see pictures from the other detectors too – we all got them!

We expect these collisions to become “routine” early in June, when we can start exploring the new areas of physics to which they will give us access. It makes sense to think of the LHC as the world’s most powerful microscope, studying the structure of nature at the smallest distances we’ve ever seen. Turning up the energy is the equivalent of turning up the power on that microscope – and we are eager to see what that might reveal!