Count chemicals, not calories, to stay slim and healthy

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NaturalNews) Over the past decade, we have been on a calorie-counting mission to improve our health and weight. We have been so obsessed with the number of calories on the label that we have actually forgotten what really matters.

USA Today recently reported that the nutrition labels of more than 700,000 packaged foods are getting a makeover in the near future. With growing rates of people being overweight or obese, the aim is to make people more aware of what and how much they consume. The focus will be on calories, added sugars and realistic serving sizes.

While it is a good thing to bring these topics, especially added sugars, more into the spotlight so people become aware of how much sugar they eat, the most important thing is left in the shade. According to Dr. Sally Norton, a weight loss specialist, we should be focusing more on the chemicals in the food than the number of calories it contains.