Up to 1,000 a day stop paying the BBC licence fee claiming they no longer have a TV or only watch catch-up services

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During a 15-month period to the end of last year 500,000 homes said they did not have a television, figures from the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board show.

Although some houses may have still bought a licence to cover watching shows on a mobile device or tablet, others have apparently bypassed paying the £145.50-a-year fee in a move that could have lost the BBC up to £72.8million.

John Whittingdale, (half brother of convicted paedophile Charles Napier, who was also the Treasurer of Paedophile Information Exchange ) and ex the new culture secretary, previously made it clear he wanted to close this catch-up television loophole.

A Department for Culture, Media and Sport spokesman said: ‘Future decisions on the licence fee will be considered as part of the Charter Review process.’

NB – watch what they do with council tax………….