Secrets of Jimmy Savile’s lair uncovered as police find mural of sex abuse victims

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The writing was on the wall for Jimmy Savile’s paedophile driver when detectives uncovered the key clue that proved his guilt.

Unseen footage shows officers searching evil Ray Teret’s old flat and finding graffiti containing messages and ­signatures from about 40 girls.

Many youngsters who scrawled on the sick mural are thought to have been groomed and abused by Savile and close pal Teret during the 1970s.

While Savile was never brought to justice, the evidence proved his ­chauffeur was lying to police when he claimed he did not know his accusers.

On Sunday night, a documentary shows decorators steaming away wallpaper in the paedophile lair, above Teret’s old record shop in Sale, Manchester.

One message reads: “If you need me, call me, all my love Denise.” And another: “Diane thinks Ray is canny.”

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