Why Big Business Profit Is The Real Reason Behind NSA Surveillance

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The US Surveillance State is scrambling to save itself in the wake of a federal ruling that declared the bulk collection of metadata under a provision of the Patriot Act, which is set to expire on June 1, illegal. But the reason for so many ‘experts’ touting the benefits of surveillance, goes beyond the basic desire to spy on Americans. Because, as you might imagine, “terrorism” is big business.

Under the guise of such a nebulous phrase as the ‘War on Terror’, it’s well known how the military-industrial complex is thriving. But another booming industry has escaped the same attention, in part because the subject, itself, is so controversial — surveillance. As we learn with increasing frequency, the government often acts as a proxy for corporate interests, and the business of spying is no exception.

As would be important with any issue where the government is concerned, examining the personal history and financial ties of the so-called ‘experts’ offering reasons why surveillance is so crucial will give better insight into why we’re being spied on.

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