Who is Greville Janner?

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Greville Ewan Janner, Baron Janner of Braunstone (born 11 July 1928) is a Welsh politician, barrister and writer.

A QC since 1971, he was a Labour MP from 1970 to 1997; since then he has been a member of the House of Lords. He is associated with a number of Jewish organisations including the Board of Deputies of British Jews, of which he was chairman from 1978 to 1984, and he has been prominent in the field of education about the Holocaust.

What’s he done?

In April 2015 the Crown Prosecution Service announced that Janner would not be prosecuted over allegations relating to the indecent assault of minors and buggery. The CPS said it would not be in the public interest as Janner was suffering from dementia, which is incurable and progressively worsens, and a case for the defence could not be made at a trial.[1] In normal circumstances, the evidence against him would have merited prosecution, the CPS said in a statement

Lord Janner: Full interview with alleged victim


What’s the problem?

1.  There is no independent proof that  his dementia was/is so severe that he should not stand trial

OUTRAGE over the failure to prosecute alleged paedophile peer Greville Janner grew yesterday after it emerged he wrote to the House of Lords a fortnight ago, despite claims he is suffering from dementia.


Lord Janner ‘voted 203 times in the House of Lords’… AFTER his dementia diagnosis

Lord Janner ‘voted 203 times in the House of Lords’… AFTER his dementia diagnosis

2. Greville Janner himself has stated that age and ill-health should be no barrier to justice


Could it be that the decision not to prosecute Lord Janner wasn’t because he can’t remember, but  because he remembers only too well the names of other high profile paedophiles?