Cuban scientists’ VACCINE for LUNG CANCER could be available globally

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The drug for the most common cancer in the world is known as Climavax and has been available in the Caribbean island since 2011.

Following last month’s meeting US President Barack Obama shook hands with Cuba’s leader Raul Castro to look at ending a trade embargo between the two countries, the door is now opening towards a global use drug, which prolongs life and reduce the effects of the illness.

Candace Johnson, CEO of Roswell Park Cancer Institute which signed the agreement with Cuba’s Center for Molecular Immunology to develop the vaccine, said: “The chance to evaluate a vaccine like this is a very exciting prospect”.

“This agreement establishes a collaboration between our two institutions to develop a cancer vaccine in lung cancer,” she said. “We’re very excited to take this to the United States to treat patients.”

Cancer Research UK reported the initial tests into the drug, carried out in Cuna in 2008, had been “promising” and showed it allowed people to live “slightly longer” – from around four to six months.

It also relieved symptoms such as coughing and breathlessness.

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