Primary school threatens parents with £10 fine if they are just 10 minutes late to pick up their children

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A primary school has launched a crackdown on parents who are late to collect their children.

Henley Green Primary School in Coventry has threatened to fine parents £6.50 if they are not at the school gates on time.

The fine is handed to parents who are more than 15 minutes late at the end of the school day, and to those who are more than 10 minutes for morning nursery sessions.

And those collecting their two-year-olds from the school’s ‘Little Acorns’ programme are charged £10 if they are 10 minutes late.

Parents branded the decision ‘disgusting’, saying that some parents could not afford to pay the fine and that the school sometimes did not start lessons on time.

But headteacher Joanne Murphy defended the move, insisting it was necessary to deter a small number of parents who were taking advantage of the staff by regularly arriving late.