PayPal wants to replace passwords with brain implants and computers you swallow

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 20.40.42

Passwords could be replaced by vein recognition, technology built into pills that are then swallowed, or direct implants into human bodies, according to PayPal. Existing passwords are weak and easy to forget, and should be replaced by more secure methods, according to a presentation by PayPal’s head of developer advocacy, Jonathan Leblanc. Instead of being a series of characters that users must remember, those replacements would likely include keys that are eaten or implanted, he says. Security experts have long worried that systems can be compromised as a result of the weaknesses of passwords, which mean that wrong people can get in and other people can get locked out of their own systems. Some proposals to fix them have included biometric systems like eye scans, but Leblanc says that we will instead have our passwords integrated with our body.

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