JUNE 29 National strike and non compliance against corrupt rigged election

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As I’m sure by now most would agree the General Selection was rigged . We have sitting in the driving seat a bunch of pedophiles hell bent on attacking the most vulnerable in society .. We are morally duty bound to say no and call foe another election asap . This event I hope will send a peaceful shockwaves throughout WestMonster . This event will be nation wide . Wether you are employed or not . We need to stand together , before we are crushed by his and Teresa May totalitarian plans are put in place .. There are many things we can do on the day , and indeed leading up to the General strike .. Demand your Union reps get behind this .. After all you are the union . Talk to friends family and so on . Share fare and wide . Invite all Facebook friends . Post in all groups We have to make this go viral … All ideas and suggestions welcomed .. May I add this is for all U.K residents . Working / none working . It’s about joining together United we can achieve what ever we want …

More info   https://www.facebook.com/events/807027496048254/