Illegal Social Workers In The UK

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Why did you take me from my family?

Social workers from Africa and India have been employed in the UK for many years this stopped for a time and then in came the social workers from Romania and this has continued with now the recent news as can be read in this link more and more to be employed to steal the children.

Having witnessed a Romanian social worker who was working illegally with social services in the UK and taking children into care on allegations only from loving families, this social worker denied that in Romania that there were any problems of child abuse and that it was all lies made up by the media and that the Romanian children were all very safe.

It is a well known fact that money talks and any one can buy for a few pounds a CV for what ever employment they want to work in and as can be read on this link more Romanians arriving to be employed as social workers

This link is just one of many of a recent illegal social worker, so how many children did this illegal social worker in Essex take into care from loving families on false allegations only? There needs to be a public enquiry and perhaps the children taken into care given back to the families.

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