A British Bill of Rights Will Diminish the Rights of Everyone in the UK – And the Most Vulnerable Will Suffer Most

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The government wants to scrap the Human Rights Act.

Yes, you read that right. The Human Rights Act (HRA) – the law that allows ordinary people to hold the State to account for abuse, mistreatment and negligence. The Act that’s defended victims of rape and domestic violence and those in care, given bereaved families long-sought answers, safeguarded our soldiers, protected journalists’ sources and helped countless individuals gain justice.

David Cameron, Chris Grayling and apparently now Michael Gove feel we’d be better off if we axed an Act that’s held the powerful to account over and over again, and instead allowed those with a vested interest in keeping their power unchecked to limit when and to whom human rights apply. Funny that…

If you’ve been paying attention to party spin recently, you’ll have seen our HRA suddenly rechristened “Labour’s” Human Rights Act. So it’s worth clearing up at the start that it was passed in 1998 with overwhelming cross-party support and Tory leadership endorsement. It was a long-held ambition of the Society of Conservative Lawyers.

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