What food manufacturers DON’T tell us: From cheese that isn’t cheese – to olive oil that’s rancid – the tricks that mean many of us have no idea what we’re eating

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Do you know – really know – what’s inside the foods you’re eating?

We might look at the calories or the fat content, but how many of us pore over the ingredients list to see what’s in our favourite meals and snacks?

If you did look – and know what the information meant – you might be shocked.

Cheese that isn’t really cheese, sugar that’s disguised under other names and olive oil that isn’t as ‘extra virgin’ as you might think.

That was the discovery was made by Reader’s Digest, which interviewed dozens of experts for its article ’50 Secrets Food Manufacturers Won’t Tell You.’

The magazine’s editor in chief, Liz Vaccariello, told the TV show CBS This Morning the best way to deal with the findings was to learn more about the products you often eat.

‘You can’t educate yourself on everything, but if you care about sugar, if you care about whole grains or fibre, make sure you’re aware of the words to look for on the labels,’ Ms Vaccariello.

Here is a pick of the magazine’s findings, the full list of which can be read on its website.