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None Of The Seven Foiled UK Terror Plots Was Directed From Syria.  Has Cameron misled MP’s?

None Of The Seven Foiled UK Terror Plots Was Directed From Syria. Has Cameron misled MP’s?

None of the seven terror plots foiled in the UK over the past year was directed from Syria, senior MPs have been told by security and intelligence sources.

Despite David Cameron’s claim that the plots were ‘linked to’ or ‘inspired by’ ISIL, MPs have ascertained there is no evidence that any of them were actually coordinated by the Islamists’ command and control centre in Raqqa.

The admission is a serious challenge to the case for RAF bombing in Syria as it counters the hints from some Tory – and Labour – MPs that ISIL in Syria had to be targeted with airstrikes because it poses a ‘direct’ threat to the UK.

HuffPost UK has been told that in the run up to the Syria vote in the Commons, senior Shadow Cabinet ministers and senior MPs in other parties asked detailed questions about the nature of the threat posed by ISIL.

When pressed, senior intelligence officials representing the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) said that the seven foiled British terror plots over the past 12 months were either ‘lone wolf’ types, from individuals radicalised or ‘inspired by’ Islamist propaganda, or ‘linked’ to ISIL in other ways.

MP were further briefed that there was some suggestion that the Paris attacks may have been directed from Syria, although the intelligence was far from firm.

But there was no evidence of any of the potential UK attacks being directed in a similar way, even though the nature of the threat could change at some point in the future.

Some MPs were persuaded to vote for bombing in Syria after being briefed confidentially by the PM’s National Security Adviser Sir Mark Lyall Grant and other officials.

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Chilling new face of police in Britain

Chilling new face of police in Britain

Armed to the teeth and sporting military fatigues and a combat helmet, the officer is part of a counter-terrorism unit unveiled at Wembley last night.

The elite Scotland Yard squad arrived in huge armoured vehicles to throw a ring of steel around the 80,000 fans watching England beat France.

The marksmen were also toting their new lightweight, semi-automatic SIG 516 rifle.

The 130-strong unit has been developing new tactics with UK special forces, including abseiling from helicopters and tackling rampaging gunmen.

They have been trained to shoot for the head instead of the usual target, the chest.

They came out of the shadows in the wake of the massacre of 129 people in Paris on Friday.

The heightened terror threat was confirmed last night when another friendly – between Germany and the Netherlands – was called off very late because of a ‘concrete’ bomb threat.

No risks were taken because three of the seven Paris suicide bombers had targeted a fixture at the Stade de France between France and Germany.

Last night’s match began with English and French fans uniting to sing France’s national anthem, La Marseillaise.

One expert described the counter-terrorism officers at Wembley as ‘effectively SAS officers in police uniform’.

Amid some of the tightest security ever seen at a sporting fixture, they took up key positions around the ground.

Many of the officers chose to cover their faces because they sometimes work undercover.

Twilight of the Idols: How Celebrities Kill the Paris Debacle

Twilight of the Idols: How Celebrities Kill the Paris Debacle

You’ve got to love celebrities. They crack you up sometimes. They are able to live in both the rational and irrational worlds at the same time and in the same respect. The first lesson you learn in philosophy or any serious subject such as math is that contradictory statements prove that something is wrong.

Celebrities seem to believe that they are living in a different dimension, where irrationality becomes logical and contradictory statements are reasonable. This never ceases to amaze me.

The Paris debacle once again proves to be a complete disaster for celebrities who pretentiously say that they cherish all life. More recently, celebrities have gone to great length condemning whatever they think happened in Paris. The list of those celebrities is almost endless:

Vice President Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, LeBron James, Jake T. Austin, Guillermo del Toro, Kourtney Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Victoria Justice, Rowan Blanchard, John Isner, Christina Milian, Rachel Zoe, Back Street Boys, Mark Hamill, Kevin Jonas, Shannen Doherty, Zachari Levi, Sophia Bush, Amanda Seales, Lelia Broussard, Chris Pratt, Dr. Phil, Blink 182, Carole King, Amy Schumer, Ellen DeGeneres, Emma Watson, Rashida Jones, Chris Rock, Katy Perry, etc.[1]

Listen to Bono here, as he explains the situation:

“This is the first direct hit on music that we’ve had in this so-called war on terror or whatever it’s called. It’s very upsetting. These are our people. This could be me at a show. You at a show, in that venue. It’s a very recognizable situation for you and for me, and the coldblooded aspect of this slaughter is deeply disturbing and that’s what I can’t get out of my head.”[2]

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Surveillance can beat the threat.. Here we go!

Surveillance can beat the threat.. Here we go!

THE loss of life in Paris is a chilling reminder of how easy it is for terrorists to commit such an atrocity.

So let’s not kid ourselves. Our security agencies are confronted with an enemy that is highly trained, knows how to remain anonymous and is prepared to die.

The modern-day terrorist is effectively a trained soldier who treats our streets as a battlefield by murdering innocent people.

Simultaneous attacks at several venues mean the security forces struggle to be in the right place at the right time.

They are trying to catch up, rather than quickly stem the violence and identify the perpetrators.

Security agencies rely on intelligence to prevent attacks. There is no doubt that Edward Snowden’s disclosure of surveillance techniques has given terrorists an advantage.

Terrorists tend to target crowded places and iconic sites. Therefore, an effective deterrent is to use uniformed police patrols alongside CCTV monitoring.

There may also be a place for undercover surveillance to investigate suspicious behaviour. But probably the biggest challenge for the Government’s emergency Cobra committee now is to ensure sources of intelligence are cultivated.

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Man passes security, boards plane without a ticket

Man passes security, boards plane without a ticket

US transportation security officials are investigating how a man was able to pass through a security checkpoint without a ticket at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and board a commercial airliner, airport officials said on Monday.

“Immediately following this incident, TSA made adjustments to the DFW screening area, has added more barriers, and is working to identify other long-term solutions that may require physical adjustments to the area,” he said.



Government fails to protect Britain – from hazardous weed

Government fails to protect Britain – from hazardous weed

Surrender in the war on knotweed menace: Government gives up fight on hazardous weed

THE Government has been forced to give up the fight against Japanese knotweed in Britain.

After decades trying to tackle the problem the Government now says knotweed is too expensive to destroy.

With annual costs running at £1.5billion, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister George Eustice said: “There are no plans to attempt a national eradication because the cost would be prohibitively expensive and likely to be unsuccessful given the widespread distribution of the species.”


Let’s hope they have more success with ISIS?

‘Time to take battle to ISIS’ UK could strike Libya and Syria to PROTECT Britain, says PM


FEAR, TERROR, FEAR!…UK terror attacks are inevitable and there’s nothing we can do to stop them, warn spy chiefs

FEAR, TERROR, FEAR!…UK terror attacks are inevitable and there’s nothing we can do to stop them, warn spy chiefs

Spy chiefs are warning that new and terrible atrocities are inevitable in the UK – and security services may not be able to stop them.

The dire warning comes as a Mirror survey reveals up to 1.5 million Britons could be supporters of Islamic State.

On the 10th anniversary of the 7/7 bombings highlights hardcore support for the terror network, with one in 11 Brits holding a “positive” view of the group.

But the disturbing poll of 2,016 British adults taken over the weekend also found support for the group was up 2% to 9%.

It found 3% have a “very favourable view”, up 1% from a year ago – suggesting around half of Britain’s three million Muslims could be IS sympathisers.

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TERROR, FEAR, TERROR !! Heightened terror concerns new Fourth of July norm

TERROR, FEAR, TERROR !! Heightened terror concerns new Fourth of July norm

(USA TODAY) — Along with the weather forecast and airport crowd, the national holiday checklist now routinely adds another staple: terrorist threat alert.

This July Fourth weekend is no exception, with federal intelligence agencies reminding local law enforcement “to remain vigilant during upcoming national holidays and military events due to the heightened threat of attacks.”

Such warnings around major holidays have become routine since 9/11, although federal agencies acknowledge there are no specific or credible threats to the United States this weekend.

Still, the July 4th holiday — with its patriotic symbolism — seems particularly vulnerable to possible terrorist attacks, most notably lone wolf assaults, wherever crowds gather for ballgames, concerts and firework displays.

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FEAR FEAR FEAR !!! More fears of London terror attack on 7/7 anniversary as police arrest three Islamists

FEAR FEAR FEAR !!! More fears of London terror attack on 7/7 anniversary as police arrest three Islamists

3 men were arrested during a raid on Thursday after ISIS propaganda and maps of London were reportedly found on their computers.Officials feared they planned to cause chaos in the capital next week as Londoners mark a decade since the 7 July terror attacks.

Two laptops and two computers were seized in the raid near Peshawar, in Pakistan’s dangerous North-West Frontier Province.

A police report revealed: “In the initial search police found literature in favour of Islamic State and Taliban.”Also, pamphlets against government of Pakistan and its security forces.”

Security has been ramped up on international flights out of Pakistan, with government officials apparently worried about the country’s links to terror.

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SAS-style police counter-terror unit unveiled in wake of Tunisia attack

SAS-style police counter-terror unit unveiled in wake of Tunisia attack

Scotland Yard has revealed the creation of a new unit of armed police officers who will be used to tackle the threat of a gun attack in Britain.

The SAS-style counter-terror unit will comprise of 130 specialist firearms officers (CTSFOs) and will be equipped with new weapons.

They will also receive training in other counter-terror tactics such as storming buildings to rescue hostages and fast-roping from helicopters.

Their formation comes as police and other emergency services carry out a full-scale counter terror exercise in central London on Tuesday morning, following the Tunisian massacre which took the lives of a suspected 30 holidaying Brits.

The new armed unit has trained alongside the army and will be deployed in response to shootings, like the Tunisian attack, and potential sieges which could develop from an assault.

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