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Debunking msm bollox

Debunking msm bollox

RAF foils airline terror plot targeting four British cities as pop song code is cracked

Part of the Narrative…..

The pilots, who were unknown to the authorities but believed to be sympathetic to Islamic State, were using the emergency “Mayday” channel in the belief they were not being monitored.

They coded their language with musical references, often referring to “hits”. The conversation included boasts that a song would “climb up the charts” – a veiled reference to increases in jihadi recruits once the attacks had been launched.

It is thought the pilots were preparing to smuggle in explosive devices or chemical weapons. The messages were intercepted as they flew from a European airport, thought to be Schiphol, in Amsterdan, to Middle Eastern destinations.

They were unaware that Channel 121, the Mayday channel used to broadcast emergencies, was being monitored.


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and a hint as to the real story?

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Facebook and Twitter help spread misinformation and conspiracy theories, scientists conclude

Facebook and Twitter help spread misinformation and conspiracy theories, scientists conclude

Scientists hope that the findings could be useful for those that are looking to share accurate information, if it can help develop new ways of discussion that help people share information without getting it wrong.

(Get ready for a flood of propoganda as the puppet masters attempt to retaliate)

The scientists conducted the research by looking at the way that two different kinds of information were spread online: conspiracy theories and other wrong information, and science news. Both had their own separate sets of people who tended to share information between themselves, the researchers found.

(Bit of nudging in there?)

The research paper

In particular, we analyze the cascade dynamics of Facebook users when the content is related to very distinct narratives:
conspiracy theories and scientific information
Humanity is Developing Survival Resistance to Government Lies

Humanity is Developing Survival Resistance to Government Lies

With the advent of the information age and the subsequent advancement in human awareness and consciousness, many within the species (those who are awakened) are realizing that the sky is the limit. Humanity is realizing that truth itself is realized, not expressed to you by a voice on TV or a billboard. Awakened humanity is realizing that we are what we believe we can be. The rules of old are quickly dissolving before our eyes even as the control system marches on with control tactics to keep the masses enslaved.

Reality and fiction are on a collision course. The controllers are intending to force their fiction on humanity even if it means going violent. Today, this forceful violence designed to intimidate and push their agenda is known by many names today including “false flags”. These false flags are now the norm in the eyes of those who are awakened, and spontaneous coincidences in the eyes of those still asleep in the matrix of lies.

This epic moment in human consciousness is leading to something big. What we are now seeing is a rash of staged government violent operations, staged false flag violence and everyday lies from the control system’s mainstream media. As awakened humanity fights off a now weak storm of verbal attacks (“conspiracy theorists”) designed to discredit those awakened, it is primed to usher in a new era which is already underway.